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Stand Name Stand No.
A.D Event Design 200
Aaron Kearney Design
Achill Island Sea Salt S16
Adam's Cloud 176
Ah Sure Look It
All You Need is Hamper
Alphabet Jigsaws 181/182
Amurelle 113
An Post 75
Angela D'Arcy Jewellery 140
Ann Makes Books 167
Arabellas Girl A60
Arona Natural Fragrance 72
Art Thaoif A35
Artist Clodagh Hendy 4
Auntie Kitty's Button Box A36
Ayelet Lalor 171
badly made books
Bahay – Blasta Books
Barnn Skincare 116
Barry John Sausages S46-S48
Bart's Belgian Chocolate Market S77/S78
Basalt Distillery S62
be alice A33
Be Kind Incense 22
Bernie Murphy Irish Designer 160
Bey & Bo 150
Biasol S26
Big n Bowld 38
Black Cat Crafts A34
Blue Ridge Craft Company A1/A2
Boho Adore 148/149
Bon Chocolatiers S31
Born and Bred 203
Bragan Skincare 223
Breege Walsh 1
Brenda Biggar Porcelain Artist B8
Brona Chocolates S91
Builín Blasta S80
Buíoch Irish Chocolates S23
Bumbi Casa B7
Burren Balsamics S70/S71
Burren Smokehouse S35/S36
Butternut Box S29/S30 & S40
Cafe Nua S89
Candelabrum A3
Caraliza Designs 88
Cassidy Copper Creations 49
Celtic Candles 23/24
Celtic Crafts 58
Celtic Tweeds 56/57 & 63/64
Ceramifique 209
CFL Crafts A11
Cheeky Vegan S39
Chloë Dowds Ceramics 114
Clare Butler 43
Clare OConnor Luxury Irish Design & Deeca Design 112
Clayotic, All But Chaotic! A12
Clean Slate 87
CLIFF Home 187
Clodagh Molloy Jewellery 46
Connemara Wine & Design Co 92
Conscious Convert 228/229
Cookie Dó S9/S10
Crann & Irish Grown A45
DAKIDAKI Design 130
Dalkey Handmade Soaps A8
Deborah Cogley Art & Design 76
deDANÚ Skincare & Home 210/211
Deirdre Conroy Jewellery & Stephanie Culbert Jewellery 107
Divine Gallery of Crafts 14
Dogdry 82
Dotterson B42
Dubray - Celebrating Irish Books A4-A6
Due South Clothing 97
Dúlra Photography 124/125
Dust + Rock 183/184


Stand Name Stand No.
Eco Soya Candle 191
Eddie Doherty 161/162
edyta ART 6
Enda Cavanagh Photography 151/152
Episode 22 47
Ériu - Irish Blankets & Knitwear 188/189
Ethos 108
Fabio Dericci 95/96
Fergus Quearney Glass Art 138
Festive Interiors 122/123
Fia Clothing 51 & 69
Fineline Furniture A25-A27 & A46-A48
Fiona Herbst Jewellery 166
Flavour Safari S75
Forager A61
Fóroige Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship A49-A51
Foto Template & BrickBear 48
Friends of Dublin Samaritans 62
Gallardo & Blaine Designs 190
Gekko Design 15/16, 29 & 219
George Horn 89
Glenmore Crafts 18/19
Goatsbridge Trout S17
Goose Loves 216
Goyol A13
Grá Chocolates S5
Granny Shaws Confections S37/S38
Greville Home A56
Grown Forest 53, A16 & A17
Hand Made Gifts 37
Handy Hands 170
Hannah McGuinness Jewellery 163
Health Options A37/A38
Hello Fresh
Homeland Candles B1
Homesick Doll Houses B28
Honor Hales & Cookies in Colour B27
House Five 118
Howth Honey Hats B3
I Love My Pearls 121
Indi 17
Inis 80 & 81
Inscentions by Clare Kelly B37
Invest Northern Ireland -  Ballylisk Dairies, Hellbent, Green Fingers family, Fluffy Meringue, Symphonia Gin, Bro Coffee, Moocha Kombucha, Peppup Sauces & Blackfire fine foods. S72-S74 & S85-S87
Irish Boatbuilders Chair 186
Irish Hide Designs 127
Irish Socksciety 217/218
Ivo's Room Accessories 61
Jackie O'Neill Art Studio 174
Jackson Roze S65
Jean Wilkinson Silversmith Jeweller Enameller 145
Jennifer Kinnear Jewellery 9
Jennifer Rothwell 134
Jimjams by Deeda 180
Jo Browne 93
Joe's Farm Crisps S88
John Dunn Automata A18
Johnman 31/32
Kaïkø Studïø 50
Karen Wilson Art 25
Kellee Cottage Crafts 165
KeriKit Organiser Bags 175
Kilkenny Silver 71
Killowen Farm S63
Kitchen Academics S60 & S61
Knightswood Soaps & Candles 94
Koko Kinsale S84
Kopi & Co 66
Kris Kirwan Art A30
Kylemore Abbey & Gardens S8
Stand Name Stand No.
Landa 103
Lauralynn Children's Hospice 8
Lawless 73
Leo & Lyn Candles B26
Liberties Papers & Books 10
Liline Art B29
Linda Minto - Words That Care 146
Lindt Excellence B14-B15
Linkilonk 2
Little Eden Terrariums B21
Little Learning Steps 205
Little Penny Thoughts 154
Little Sewing Tree 106
Little Windsor 147, A31 & A32
Living Earth Photography 84/85
Living Ginger Designs B18
Lorraine Fletcher 199
Mad Jessie 70
Made To Measure Jewellery A10
Magee 1866 169
Magnesium Liquid Pure Drops S83
Marina Hamilton 157
Massage Cushions A15
Maureen Lynch Gold & Silversmith 137
Mavis Nest Cosmetics and Gifts 133
Meab Enamels 44
Mella's Irish Butter Fudge S53
Merrion Gallery 201
Mi Chelle 164
Michael Madden Rugs A52-A54
Michele Hannan Ceramics B40
Michelle Owens Art 14A
MiniGardens 129
Mud Ireland Pottery 172
My Personal Tailor
My Games Sports Memoirs
N Geary Art
Naiiad Jewellery
Nancy D's A55
Native Circles Art B38
Naturally Cordial S34
Nearly New Cashmere 33-35
Neev Home A9
New Wool B41
Noema 77
Noreen Walshe Art & Photography 225-227
Novelty Night Lights
Nutty Delights S20
O'Donnell Press 221
Old Irish Creamery Cheese S18
Outcrop 224
Oxmantown Skincare 156
Pachamama Style A41
Padraig McCaul A28
Palm Free Irish Soap 59/60
Pamalam 83
Paper + Cloud 74
Paper Bear Pop Up Cards 67
Patrick Casserly Design 101
Patrick Joseph 41
Pauline Quigley Glass Design B33
Pebbles & Kale 117
Perfect Pans S50/S51 & A57
Peter Gordon Photography 130 & 143/144
Phat Poly 208
Poem Prints & Ocean Moon Designs 206
Polly & Andy 185
Pottery Corner 102
Prints of Ireland 110
Provencail S13-S15
Pure Oskar 104
Rachel Webb Ceramics 136
Rainbow Gear A39/A40
Rathlin Knitwear 159
Red Earth Designs 197
Rehydration Station - Refill your Water Bottle S49
Revive Power Paste S21
Rí na Mara 214
Rings & Things 54, 78/79
Ríon Hannora 40
Riversdale Essence 11
Rocking Horses Ireland & Imelda Bradley Art 26
Roy Humphreys Woodturner 7
Sarah Swan Designs
Senses by Ró A59
Sewing by Thérése B30
ShootMyDog 155
Simple Things- Finest Alpaca 131/132
Simplicity A42 & A43
Sióg Botanicals 90
Siopa Údar 207
Skellig Crafts B36
SKIN Ireland A19
Sleeping Giant 5
Sock Co Op A21/A22
SOS Cookies S81
South East Makers - Mise by Majela, Emily's Art, Bespoke Designs, Cementique & Sassy Jac 177-179
Spice Fine Foods S90
Spoonful Botanical S66
Stained Glass Lamps 173
Steph Kilkenny Skincare 28
Stinky & Scorchy (S24) / Chilli No. 5 (S25) S24/S25
Stories by Ola Ceramics B20
Studio Coffee S76
Studio Kinnard 45
Sugarisland Crafts 39
Sweet Jewels
Swimclub 119
Stand Name Stand No.
Tara Hill Raw Irish Honey S82
Taste With Gusto -Belmorso Italian Foods S11 & S12
The Colourful Heartist B44
The Crochet Dolls A62
The Designer of Things 100
The Donegal Natural Soap Company 168
The Good Glow 86
The Greengrocers Daughter Hamper Company S1
The Irish Saddler 98
The Lampshade Jungle A20
The Little One & Forever Flowers 115
The Nature of Things 111
The Ornament Shop 27
The Painted Stag A14
The School of Jewellery Ireland 109
The Scullery S68/S69
The Wooded Pig S33
Thread Art Studios A58
Time for Tipperary S27/S28
Timeless Celebrations Ireland 128
Tinnakeely Leathers 55 & 65
Tola Vintage A23/A24
Tom Taaffe Wood & Copper B43
Troughtons Premium Drinks S79
Trove Ireland 91
Two Spoons Handstamped Gifts 193
Unique Crafts & Design 195/196
Veronica Roden Jewellery 105
Vintage Box Ireland 213
Von Dõring 13
Wacky Clothing B12
WASI 120
Watermark Cards 20/21
Waylon & Flo Childrens PJs A7
We Make Good B24 & B25
Wicklow Naturally - The Cool Food School, The Hemp Farm, Daisy Cottage Farm, Le Paysan, Mics Chilli, The Birds and the Teas, An Turas Leather, Wicklow Way Wines, Coconut & Moo, Janet Country Fayre, Ebb and Flow, Beara Bitters, The Chocolate Garden of Ireland &
Sussed/Wicklow Rapeseed oil
S41-S45 & S55-S59
Wild Atlantic Wellness 220
Wild Herb Elixirs 192
WildBird Studio 202
Wildlight Organic Skincare B4
Wildwood Balsamics S64 & S67
William O'Kane Studio B5
Woodcraft A57
Wooly Apple Knits 12
Yelena Kosikh 3
You and Me Studio B31
Yvonne Ryan Jewellery 135
Zelda & Harley 126
Zim Crafts A29 & A44